Google(s goog) on Monday began trialing a new kind of database. This one isn’t tallying ad impressions or tracking websites. Instead this database is cataloging white spaces spectrum, the unused airwaves in between TV channels that one day could be used for wireless and even mobile broadband links.

The reason such a database is key is because the TV spectrum in question has to be allocated dynamically. When a broadcaster or other licensed user is present, nobody else can touch it. Such databases, which have been or are being developed by Ericsson(s eric), Microsoft(s msft), NeuStar(s nsr) Spectrum Bridge (see disclosure) and several others, would create central repositories detailing which airwaves are available for white space broadband use at any given moment or location. Devices capable of transmitting in the white spaces airwaves would check those databases on a regular basis and pick their transmission channels accordingly.

Google is…

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