On The Road With Jim And Mary

DSC01850 (Copy)

Every town museum we’ve visited on the gulf has photos of hurricane or flood damage. I couldn’t let Port Arthur slide without including the requisite disaster photo. This one from 1915.

DSC01856 (Copy)

There is prehistory, Native Americans, discovery, explorers, natural history, documents, in one section. I chose this drawing of a wooly buffalo because it was drawn from a description. As was the horse in the upper right corner kicking up its heels. Kind of reminded me of the snub nosed Chinese lions, also drawn from descriptions. What a hoot!

Cannonball Jellyfish

Since we found two different types of jellyfish washed up on the beach, I was amazed to learn the numbers of them documented passing through  the channel at Port Aransas.

There is much to see here. A fantastic full wall mural that alone is worth the price of admissiion. ($4 adults, $3 seniors.) A shell collection and identification guide, a glass…

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