On The Road With Jim And Mary

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Galveston has the natural attractions of beaches, fishing, sand and sun. But, from the early 1900’s, it has been a tourist mecca and nicknamed the Coney Island of the South. At one time the biggest city in Texas and the second biggest port in the nation, second only to New York.

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In 1877 swimsuits had to cover from the knee to the neck, but by the 1920’s a Bathing Girl Review hosted by the Galveston Beach Association was so popular it eventually led to the Miss Universe Contest.

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I was surprised to learn that Galveston was the major entry port for immigration before Ellis Island opened in 1822. And after, except during the Civil War, Galveston was still the major port for immigrants up through the 1940’s.

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During prohibition, people from everywhere flocked to Galveston, nicknamed  a “Free State” meaning booze, women, gambling, you name it. The town was full…

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