Into the wild

CF6A5310Where I am from, mountains are supposed to be green. Exclusively Green. Lush broad-leaf forests and dense vegetation, conifers or even dry forests.. but green nonetheless. Even the highest mountain of the Caribbean, our own Pico Duarte with over 10,000 feet over sea lever is mostly green. Some rare mornings white frost may cover the grasses of Valle Lilís, but that is it.

This winter I traveled with my family to the Colorado. Between snowboarding and taking care of the kids there was little time left, but I made sure to take at least two mornings off to discovered the near by areas. I think I dedicated probably 80% of my lens time to birds, but there is something so special about the other 20%: The Rocky Mountains.

I had read about them in high school, but never before really rationalised it existence much less their true beauty. It’s powerful…

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