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BlackBerry ringtones

“To vibrate or to ring, that is the question…” –Shakespeare, if he owned a BlackBerry smartphone

Downloading the “Somebody That I Used to Know” ringtone seemed like a pretty solid choice at the time, and even assigning it as my primary ringtone seemed like a fine idea – until I got a call in the middle of a BlackBerry 10 launch planning meeting, and my ringer had been set to full volume. That wasn’t a good way to find out that not everyone is still a fan of that song.

So, it might be time to change my ringtone to something more generic. There are a ton of options in the BlackBerry App World storefront, but I’m finding myself wondering if I need a ringtone at all. When my BlackBerry Bold smartphone isn’t in my pocket or holster where I would feel it vibrate, I’ve got BeBuzz configured…

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